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Program Description


The GLMBA program positions its program graduates as future senior management executives or leaders of the multi-national non-financial companies in China or multi-national financial institutions in China; or those local non-financial enterprises or local financial companies that aim at going into the international markets. Therefore, in the GLMBA curriculum, there are 2 program Elective Majors: (i) Multi-national Issues; and (ii) Global Finance and CFA.
• Cross-Border Management Specialized Module including “Glocal Human Capital and Corporate Culture
   Issues","Global Local Supply Chain and Logistics Issues” and “Cross-Border Managerial
• Knowlligence Courses: Business Plan and Business Practicum with REAL project supported by REAL
• Achievements;

There are totally 67 faculty in GLMBA with 38.8% as our university or school-level contracted internal faculty, and 61.2% as our external faculty. The average working experience is 18.68 years.

There are totally 280 GLMBA students with 9.3 years of the work experience and 33.2 years old in average.
Most of the GLMBA students work in Foreign/Joint-venture companies or Private Enterprise in China. Their backgrounds are highly diversified industries.

(1) In 2007, GLMBA was awarded as the MBA program with the most potential in China;
(2) In 2011, GLMBA was awarded "The 21st century business school - MBA with featured competitiveness",
     and in the same year, SHUMBA was awarded "MBA school achievement award" issued by famous media

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