Mission / Vision


Developing Outstanding Whole-Person and Global Local Talents People can Trust and Work with
培养全面发展、可相信与可共事的Global Local人才

Be Influential Graduate Management Education Globally and Locally in Business World 

Strategy Goals
Shanghai University’s MBA Center (SHU MBA) is the pioneer in Whole -person and Global Local MBA Education in China. Having undergone explosive transformation since the inception in 2004, SHU MBA has delivered a new generation of MBA education through a unique and innovative teaching model.
he MBA Program is devoted to developing future business leaders who can successfully manage local challenges for global entities entering China and globalizing organizations from China to integrate with the global market. These business leaders, according to SHU MBA Way, should have distinct and sustainable competitive competencies, including
1) Strong compliance with global business Ethics and Professionalism;
2) High proficiency in international business languages, especially Business English’
3) Practical capabilities of transforming knowledge and skills; and
Triple-Helix –method as a combining factor between education, business organizations and society.

Learning Outcomes
1) to prepare students through systematic learning on Business Management Knowing-Personal Development
 being real World Doing skills enhance them all-round business managerial skill for better business
    management role and potential leadership role in global business activities;
2) to develop social responsibility, ethical and professional personal development and leadership skills to
    manage complex, dynamic and cross-cultural tasks effectively and efficiently;
3) to work through experimental learning projects individually and as a team in planning implementing and
    advising new or complex business plans and business project; and
4) to enhance interest and experience of global changing issues through action-learning and life-long

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