ECO Compact

Business education is not just the university’ responsibility; it needs participation from corporate and community, to achieve synergized education. Since 2004, SHU MBA has been working closely with industry and overseas institutions. They formed the “triple helix ECO compact” of “Education, Community, and Organizations”.

For the past years, SHU MBA has more than 2000 corporate contacts, with 224 executives as community board directors and corporate mentors since 2004, and 16 out of hundreds of business organizations as the first batch of corporate partners in 2015. They have been providing more than 1200 activities, including community board program, corporate mentor program, career doctors, company visit, global business study tour, leadership forum, business plans, and business practicum, etc.

As a global local MBA program, SHU MBA has established contacts with 245 overseas institutions, including Uppsala University (top 100 worldwide), providing full range of international study opportunities, including one-to-two-week global business study tour, one or two semester exchange, half-year to one-year further degree program, etc. Nearly 60% MBA students and alumni have been travelling with SHU MBA to 16 countries or regions. Meanwhile, SHU MBA receives 10%-15% international students for exchange or degree program every year. 

Since 2004, SHU MBA has a continued growing alumni network with 1135 graduates and 387 students. According to a survey in 2014, 42% graduates are working with Fortune 500, with a salary increase of 50% at average compared with the time of admission. Some of them even get 200% increase three year after graduation. We are delighted to contribute to graduates’ personal and career development, especially in whole-person, global local, and know-lligence development, and also appreciated to their awareness and practices on social responsibility. 

Standing at the beginning of the second ten years, SHU MBA will strengthen and deepen the collaboration and communication with industry and overseas institutions, to achieve the vision 2.0 of “being influential graduate management education globally and locally in business world”.

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