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Business Study Tour

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Our Course
Shanghai University’s MBA Center (SHU MBA) has a mission “to develop outstanding whole-person and Global Local talents people can trust and work with.” After completing various Business Skills Courses and Personal Development Courses, SHU MBA students are required to examine, reinforce, and reflect on what they have learnt from the classroom.

This GST program aims to assist participants in transforming their whole-person knowledge and contemporary business and career knowledge into intelligence and actions, which may develop into personal and career competencies. This program constructs an effective platform for participants to manage regional and cultural diversity individually. It also fosters collaborative learning through team work.

Students will visit several corporations and governmental organizations. Seminars are arranged during the tour. Participants may gain insights on some companies’ strategic and operational competencies; and participants may do a professional study on some industries. After the tour, participants are required to make Individual Post-tour reflections to synthesize and integrate what they have observed, experienced, and learnt, and also they are encouraged to write a formal email to one of the impressive corporate executives.


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