Global Integrated Career Competency Workshop

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Global Integrated Career Competency Workshop


SHUMBA’s study is not only the knowledge teaching, but also to integrate what students have learned and transfer it to their personal and career intelligence through various courses and teaching methods, which is one of the SHUMBA teaching objectives : Knowlligence Talents.

Career Intelligence (Doing) learning is arranged in the whole study experience, consisting of a variety of workshops, lectures and projects by Action learning, Experimental Learning and Problem-Based teaching methods.

Students will be examined on what they have learned from the business skills and soft skills through simulated or real projects with the instruction of corporate and academic experts, then finally make multiple and critical decisions.

Course Description

This course intends to help the students to identify their own strengths, inner characters, life value, and knowledge, further enhanced from various industries and work functions in order to match the students’ career vision. Students can benefit from the course by being able to plan their own career strategy and then develop themselves. Also, the course will provide basic knowledge, such as interpersonal skills, which allow the students to understand the potential of networking and making useful contacts.

Course Objective

• To help the participants cope with continued changes in the global environment.

• To help the participants develop a realistic attitude toward the work.

• To help the participants understand their unique abilities, interests, strengths and competencies.

• To help the participants heighten their sense of self-awareness, in regard to decision making and career alternatives.

• To inspire the participants to think about long-term career opportunities within and outside of their organizations.

• To guide the participants to understand the Personal Development Strategy and with efficient tools.

• To understand the importance of career development in the current environment.

• To understand the concepts of career development.

• To understand the power of making choices for your own career development.

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