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Program Description



Global China MBA Program (GCMBA) provides bilingual MBA program. The GCMBA program positions its program graduates as
1) the today’s or future whole-person entrepreneurs or senior management managers of China enterprises, who are good in
(i) global Shanghai business environments, and China and its Shanghai economics issue and
(ii) application of knowledge into real-world practice, or
2) the business elites who are good in international vision, innovation spirits, leadership competencies, and contemporary business and management knowledge of the related researches in SHU.

There are totally 85 faculty in GCMBA with 75.3% as our university or school-level contracted internal faculty, and 24.72% as our external faculty,The average working experience is 14.16 years.

There are totally 165 GCMBA students with 7.9 years of the work experience and average 31.2 years old.
More than half of the GCMBA students work in State-Owned Companies in China. Their backgrounds are diversified industries.

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