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About Study

What is the requirement of attendance?

Absenteeism in attendance of a course reaches 25% in breach of the attendance rule or students have to retake the course. Students should apply for leave within 25% of course.

What is the passing grade of each course?

The passing marks is 75 while the fail marks is below 60. Students who receive marks below 60 cannot get the credits and must retake.

If my marks is between 60 and 75, is it a must to retake?

Students who receive marks between 60 and 75 (including 60) need not retake. But if students have 3 or more courses which marks lower than 75, students cannot apply for the degree.

Any Student in this situation who wishes to retake any course to make up the marks to 75 in order to meet the requirements of applying for the SHUMBA degree should apply to the Academic Director for special approval within one (1) month after receiving the score.

Can I take other program’s course?

No. But you can apply to join the activity or seminar of other programs.

About Activity

What is Mentor-Mentee Scheme?

Mentor-Mentee Scheme aims to provide an effective platform between corporate and industry experts (the Mentors) and SHU MBA students (the Mentees). The students have an average of 8 years’ work experience in mid management level and are looking for a career mentor to guide and coach them for their career development. SHUMBA invites excellent leaders in Education, Community and Organization as Mentors.

How to join Mentor-Mentee Scheme?

SHUMBA organizes information session for Mentor-Mentee to introduce the scheme and Mentor information in the spring of each year. Students can apply online and fill in the application form then take the interview by SHUMBA. SHUMBA will send the students information for mentor to select. Once the information is double confirmed by students and mentors, students will be informed to contact mentors directly for further communication.

In my study at SHUMBA, can I only take once Mentor-Mentee Scheme or more?

Or can I have more than one Mentor in different batch of Mentor-Mentee Scheme?

SHUMBA hopes students can get more guide and help from corporate elites from different area according their own career development. SHUMBA has the final authority to decide whether you can continue or not according to the feedback from your previous Mentor and your participation in the Mentor-Mentee Scheme.

What is ISES? How long it last?

SHUMBA has collaboration with partnered universities to provide students with incoming and outgoing student exchange scheme (herein after as ”ISES”). ISES usually lasts for three to six months. Oversea students can join MBA Center for exchange mean while students can go to overseas partnered universities for study. Student can obtain from ISES not only the opportunity to study abroad, but also to adapt themselves different language, culture diversity and living environment. Now SHUMBA’s partnered universities are located in Canada, France, India, Ireland, Japan, Peru, Korea, Spain, Sweden, and China Taiwan. Till the end of 2015 Fall Semester, there were totally 118 outgoing exchange students.

What do I need to do as a Mentee?

Meet your Mentor actively, and follow the timetable to submit the report to SHUMBA. By doing so we can know about the relationship between you and your Mentor clearly, we can give you some suggestions.

There are various ways of communication between Mentors and Mentees, for example, having dinner with Mentors, attending company activities and events, or inviting enterprises, and visiting enterprises.

Will overseas study affect my graduation?

Students are required to complete most of courses before exchange to overseas partner school. For the incomplete course, SHUMBA will provide learning plan for students. If students apply for further degree program, your graduation may be postponed.

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