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Dr. Zhongzhi HE


Teaching Experience:
2015 – now, SILC Business School, Shanghai   University
2003 – now, Goodman School of Business, Brock   University
2009 – 2015, School of Finance, Shanghai University   of Finance and Economics

Corporate Experience:
2000 – 2003, Quantitative Analyst, Risk Management   Division, Lehman Brothers Inc., New York
2014 – now, Founding Partner, Beijing (Shanghai) He zheng   Asset Management Co.  

Dr. He obtained his Bachelor and Master Degree in   Engineering from Tianjin University, and his Ph.D. in Finance from Molson   School of Business at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. During 2000 –   2003, he worked as a Quantitative Analyst at the Risk Management Division of   Lehman Brothers in New York. In 2003, he joined the Goodman School of   Business at Brock University, teaching and doing research in the areas of   investments, corporate finance, and financial institutions. In 2010, he was   appointed the “Shanghai Oriental Scholar” special-term professor at Shanghai   University of Finance and Economics. He is affiliated with the SILC Business   School of Shanghai University since 2015.In the meantime, Dr. He is one of   the founding partners of Beijing (Shanghai) He zheng Asset Management Co., in   charge of quantitative trading strategies for its 2 billion RMB assets under   management.

Dr. He has published his research work in prominent   finance journals including Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis   (JFQA), Journal of Banking and Finance (JBF), Pacific Basin Finance Journal   (PBFJ), among many others. He has taught numerous courses globally at the   undergraduate, graduate, executive MBA, and Ph.D. levels.

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