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Dr. Hua LI


Distinguished Visiting Professor of Strategic Management and leadership, Penn State University, Behrend, USA 

Distinguished Visiting Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Sunderland Business School, Sunderland University, UK

Dr Hua LI, is currently President of CAMOT Innovation Academy Cambridge, UK and Professor of Strategic Management and Leadership. He is former President and Vice Chancellor of SIAS International University, China.

With his over 32 years of leadership experiences in global higher education and international business between East and West, he has insightful observations and interpretation about what happened in the last 35 years between West and East, notably China and how a university/firm can be well positioned in the 21st century. He has been an advocate of liberal arts education and passionately striving for creating inspiring, innovative and entrepreneurial campus that he referred as three “invisible campuses”. The forums between President/Students, President/Professors/Doctors, and President/Alumni that he launched in Sias has pioneered the reform in GHE and narrowed the gap between what are delivered in universities and what are needed in society. He is also a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Windsor University, Canada, and Sun YatSen University, China.  He is also the Founder and President of China Association for Management of Technology (CAMOT) founded in 2006 at Tsinghua University.

He holds degrees cross-disciplinary. He earned a BA in English Language and British and American Literature and History from Henan University in 1982, a MA in Construction Management and Building Economics from Southeast University in 1992, and a PhD in Management from Northumbria University, UK in 2001. 

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