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Mr. Fred DUBEE


Mr. DUBEE got his M.Sc. in international business administration from University of Sussex, UK. He got 13 years of teaching experience and 47 years of corporate experiences. Currently, he is working as a professor at European Peace University, Austria. He joined the automotive industry in 1968 where he spent three decades unevenly distributed in North and South America, Europe and Asia. In the spring of 2000, Fred Dubee undertook an assignment to support the preparation of the Global Compact launch and in October 2000, he joined the United Nations as Senior Officer, Global Compact, and Executive Office of the Secretary-General. He continues to serve the United Nations as a Senior Advisor and works extensively in China and throughout Asia. Fred Dubee is a professor at the European Peace University, Austria, honorary professor at the Beijing Genomics Institute, China and lectures internationally at academic intuitions and research institutes. He is a frequent contributor at high level national and international corporate, academic and governmental events and acts as an advisor to leaders of government, civil society and industry.

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