Executive Soft Power Workshop

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Executive Soft Skills Workshop


Executive Soft Power Workshop (ESPW) is one of the 3-credit SHUMBA Courses in the Personal Leadership and Development Module taught  according to the unique Being-Doing-Knowing Whole-personal curriculum spectrum of SHUMBA. By adapting action learning pedagogy, this ESPW course aims for the students to understand the different needs for soft skills by different working levels and understand the importance in their study. Those skills will support the experimental courses in SHU MBA (Business Plan, Business Practicum) under the harmonious and effective environment which will affect the whole MBA study, supplement the skills needed in the workplace and inspire the potential leadership spirit from students themselves. Different from the typical MBA business courses, faculty of the ESPW course are a collaboration of the practitioners from the real world and academics from campus, with the coordination of the senior executive directors of the program office of SHUMBA Center.

Our Goals

Through the course, we aim to coach the student to:

• Understand the definition of soft skills.

• Understand business courtesy in the workplace; to be more professional in business, study and in social activities.

• Understand a new way of being, communicating and leading, empowering them to accelerate the achievement of both your personal and organizational goals.

• Understand the importance of listening and feedback fundamentals.

• Understand and use the skill of Negotiation.

• Be able to work through conflict and learn how to make effective decisions in the workplace.

Ms. Grace LUO
Mr. Xiaoping PU

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