Business Governance and CSR

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Business Governance and CSR

Business Governance and CSR (BCSR) is one of the 3-credit SHUMBA Courses in the Personal Leadership and Development Module taught according to the unique Being-Doing-Knowing Whole-personal curriculum spectrum of SHUMBA. By adapting action learning pedagogy, this course aims to let the students to understand the Social Responsibility and Sustainability and probe the basics of long term success, guide the participants in a structured exploration of the interaction between direct and indirect stakeholders and the interdependence of the economic, social, environmental and governance aspects of business in the context of its current situation and challenges.

Our Goals

• Understand the shareholder withdraw mechanism of limited company liability and fully realize the use of legal rights.

• Identify and solve BCSR and legal problems in the context of the CSR concept.

• Carry out a study on BCSR and its regulation independently.

• Analyze the BCSR cases and solve legal issues in local market.

• Strengthen the awareness of CSR and business sustainability.

• Learn the related rule, standard, guide of CSR, including Global Compact.

• Learn the key elements corporate should take into consideration when pursuing business sustainability.

• Learn the actions taken by business to incorporate responsible practices into their strategies, operations and  culture.

• Learn about the legal relationship about shareholders, supervisors and directors. 

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